NoteBuilder App Description and Privacy Statement


The NoteBuilder App is designed to aid students in the organisation of their lecture note-taking, based on a three-part note management process.

NoteBuilder has been co-created by academics and students from De Montfort University to assist in collating, storing and revisiting lecture notes.

It consists of a three-part note management process based on The Cornell Method. In this method a standard sheet of paper was split into 3 sections; one for note taking during a lecture, one for key points and one for summarising. The act of organising and interpreting lecture notes alongside the ease with which notes can be revisited has been shown to increase students’ understanding of new content and ability to apply learnt knowledge. 

NoteBuilder is intended to bring this valuable learning theory to a new generation through an intuitive guided process.

Privacy Statement

As developers of the NoteBuilder App we collect no user data whatsoever nor is any data stored by us or passed to third parties.